How do you write music as in Atomic Heart? (Atomic Heart Phonk Beat)

How do you write music as in Atomic Heart? (Atomic Heart Phonk Beat)
Posted on: March 06, 2023
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You write Phonk music but it doesn’t sound as professional as that of artists like DVRST, Kordhell, HAARPER and others?
Phonk music is becoming more and more popular every day, Atomic Heart is one of the first AAA game projects to use this music style in their game.
EA Games, Blizzard, Embark, etc. will also use Phonk music.
In this article we’ll take a closer look at how to write Phonk music and how to create the same atmosphere as in Atomic Heart, and which type of sounds & phonk sample packs you need to produce better Phonk then the other producers!

Let’s sort out what style of music did Mundfish (Atomic Heart dev team) choose for its novelty?

Obviously, to convey the atmosphere of the Soviet Union, you need to use the hits of the Soviet Union, but here the authors of the game have a question, how to make them sound retro-futuristic style and what style is generally suitable for such a style?
Concrete, Metal, Armature, Robots, Neural Networks and endless amounts of red.

And the studio came to the conclusion that the perfect style for such a combination would be Phonk.

Yes, exactly Phonk, not dubstep, drum’n’bass, doom metal, but the style, which can absorb all subtleties of each modern music style and create something new!

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Phonk in today’s world is like ChatGPT, it can endlessly absorb information from other styles and produce it in its own unique sound, atmosphere and scale!

What makes the music in Atomic Heart so unique and distinctive?

The music in Atomic Heart is distinctive because it blends several genres, including electronic, orchestral, and Soviet-era music, to create a unique and immersive atmosphere. The soundtrack features an eclectic mix of instruments and sounds, such as theremin, balalaika, and electronic distortion, which gives the music a distinct and futuristic feel. Additionally, the music is designed to dynamically change based on the player’s actions, creating a personalized and immersive gaming experience.

What does it take to write phonk music?

First and most important is a phonk drum kit!

We’ve selected 2 of the best phonk drum kits to make it easier for you:
1) Ultimate Phonk Sample Pack by Monosounds
2) Gamma – Atomic Heart inspired Phonk Sample Pack

In these packs you will find sounds from 808 and 909 drum machines, processed and fully production ready.

What sounds are used in phonk?

The two most important sounds for phonk writing are 808 cowbell and 808 Kick.
808 Cowbell is the secret sound everyone is trying to find and create, you can find it in this Ultimate Phonk Sample Pack:

You can also find 808 Kick in the above Ultimate Phonk Sample pack, which will make your track sound low and rocking!

How to write an atomic heart style phonk beat?

To write a phonk beat that’s heavy, rocking, and bassy, start with the drum part.
Something simple and uncomplicated, a combination:
[kick – kick+snare – kick – kick+snare]
at 100-120 tempo and something similar to Trap beat if you want to write a phonk beat at 140-160BPM.

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Using 808 cowbell write a simple and catchy tune and put 808 kick under it, which will create a tight bottom end.

You can use samples and loops from old rnb, funk, soul, hip-hop records to create the atmosphere, but you can’t get the rights to them and release such music on streaming services.

You can also use the exclusive Phonk Melodies collection inspired by Atomic Heart by Monosounds, link below.

They’re 100% royalty free and will help you find inspiration for your music!

All in all, creating Atomic Heart style phonk is very exciting and fun, and phonk music is now actively gaining popularity on Tik-Tok, Youtube Short, Instagram Reels and Spotify/Apple Music (according to Google Trends).

Start creating Phonk now!
What are the best Phonk Sample Packs?

2 of the best packs for Phonk music writing:

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