Ultimate List of The Best Synth of 2023

Ultimate List of The Best Synth of 2023
Posted on: June 08, 2023
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Last updated on: June 8, 2023
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Greetings fellow sound engineers and music creators, and welcome to the hot list of 2023. We’ve made it halfway through the year, and it’s time to review the top-10 virtual synthesizers shaping the music production scene right now.

  1. Sistema2
    Sistema by guk.ai
    This is arguably the best synth available today. It’s incredibly versatile, capable of creating a wide array of sounds and under full AI-control.

    You can find more info here.

  2. Arturia Pigments 3

    One of the best VSTi synths around, Pigments 3 brings you an innovative approach to sound design, blending wavetable, granular, and virtual analog synthesis.

    You can find more info here

  3. Serum by Xfer Records
    Xfer Records Serum

    Continually voted the best synth for FL Studio, Serum’s uncluttered layout and impeccable sound quality have made it a mainstay for producers across all genres.

    Visit Serum website

  4. Native Instruments Massive X
    Native Instruments Massive X
    The successor of the popular Massive, Massive X comes with a new oscillator section, more modulation options, and a broader effect section. It’s known for its flexibility and its potential for creating unique, complex sounds.

    Visit NI website

  5. U-he Diva

    This powerhouse VSTi synth boasts lush, realistic analog sounds that can take your music production to the next level. Diva stands for “Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue.” It offers a selection of some of the most iconic analog synth modules, delivering lush and realistic analog sounds. It’s particularly praised for its filter models.

    Visit Diva website

  6. Phase Plant by Kilohearts

    Offering modular synthesis within a slick, user-friendly interface, Phase Plant deserves a spot in every producer’s toolkit.

    Check Phase Plant here

  7. Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular

    This virtual Eurorack modular synth system brings hardware-style modular synthesis into your DAW.

    Visit Cherry Audio’s Website

  8. Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.8
    It’s been around for a while, but its sound library and hybrid synthesis engine make it a must-have in any production suite.

    Explore more about Omnisphere 2.8 here
  9. UVI Falcon 2
    As a creative hybrid instrument, Falcon 2 truly shines in the realms of granular and wavetable synthesis.

    Check UVI website
  10. Sylenth1

    Last but definitely not least, AI-1 is the best AI synth on the market, offering unique sound design possibilities that traditional synths can’t match.
    Visit to check this veteran

These are the top picks of 2023 so far. Each of these offers a unique flavor and capabilities, bringing you a wide range of sonic possibilities. Give them a try and experience the difference in your music production.
Happy creating!
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