The best Serum presets & preset packs in 2024 (for music producers)

The best Serum presets & preset packs in 2024 (for music producers)
Posted on: January 15, 2024
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Last updated on: January 19, 2024
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This is the my personal Top-5 of Xfer Serum Presets in 2024, I use them on daily basis & I give you my word, this is the best collection for your production needs.

#5 NEXTGEN Serum Presets Vol.2


✅  150 Serum Presets for Xfer Serum (latest version required)
✅   Suitable for most genres
✅   Unique sound design techniques
✅   100% Unique sounds without useless presets

✅   Optimized for CPU-usage
✅   Designed specifically for modern electronic music
✅   Endless inspiration
✅   Fast workflow

Nextgen Serum Presets Vol.2

#4 Eurodance Serum Presets


✅   The sounds inspired by retro & modern 140BPM+ music
✅   Recreation of the most iconic Virus, Moog & other synths
✅   Warm & gritty sounds
✅   50 Serum presets

✅   Optimized for CPU-usage
✅   Comparable sound to analog synthesizers
✅   Endlessly reusable (use it in any genre)
✅   Fast inspiration after loading the 1st preset

Eurodance Trance Presets for Xfer Serum

#3 Fishlake Vol.2


✅   41 Tech House Serum presets
✅   Tailored for rhythmic basslines & groovy loops
✅   Includes all the classic & modern sounds
✅   Designed for club-focused tracks

✅   CPU-Friendly
✅   Delivers authentic Tech House sound
✅   Ready-to-use for quick inspiration
✅   Streamlines the production process

Tech House Serum Presets – Fishlake Vol.2 by Monosounds

#2 Grumble – Skrillex inspired Serum Presets


✅   50 Skrillex inspired Serum presets
✅   Specializes in deep basses
✅   Ideal for both mellow and danceable tracks
✅   Designed for this modern Skrillex vibe

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✅   Low CPU impact
✅   Provides a wide range of sounds
✅   Encourages experimental sound creation
✅   Enhances musical expression and efficiency

Grumble – Skrillex type Sample Pack

#1 Ultimate Serum Presets Collection


✅   100 Premium quality presets for Xfer Serum
✅   Diverse sound range for broad creative applications
✅   Includes deep, resonant basses and smooth keys
✅   Focuses on innovative sound design

✅   CPU-efficient
✅   Perfect for peak-time tracks
✅   Instantly adds energy to tracks
✅   Speeds up the creative process

Ultimate Serum Presets Collection

That’s my personal top-5 that I use in my workflow.

Stay Inspired,
Max from Monosounds.

Author Maxim Hetman
Highly skilled sound designer with over 15 years of experience in the field.
Maxim Hetman