House Sample Packs

On this page you will find everything that will help you in writing house music. This genre originated in 1980 in the clubs of Chicago and still finds its admirers to this day. Big collection of house samples, loops, one-shots, and more. Quality sets of sounds will allow you to become the king of any party. Get a whole range of creative tools for your music: one-shot samples, loops, MIDI patterns, sampler patches, and synth presets to help you get into the beat. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of time sitting on one project, we give you the opportunity to develop and grow. By offering to buy house samples we want you to please your listeners with your house bangers.

These house samples will suit the listener with the most refined taste and will make him a fan of your music. The list of popular DJs and sound producers is daily updated with new names, so you will take your niche in this game. All the sets are made by real professionals, dedicated to their work, high quality, good and tight sound waiting for you in every house sample. When you buy a product you can use house samples in such works as:

  • electro
  • tribal
  • progressive,
  • industrial
  • minimal house
  • deep house
  • minimal

Before you buy the samples read the description and listen to the demo that will allow you to pick up the melodies and sounds you need. The products we offer are suitable for all DAW and VST synthesizers, you just need to download and add them to your library and then start writing your next hit.  Get inspired and discover new things with monosounds studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are house sample packs, and how can they benefit my music production?

    House sample packs are collections of audio samples that are specifically designed for use in house music production. These packs contain drum loops, basslines, synths, and other sounds commonly used in house music. House sample packs can save you time in your music production and provide you with new inspiration for your tracks.

  2. How do I use house sample packs in my music production?

    To use a house sample pack, you'll need to import the samples into your digital audio workstation (DAW) and use them to create your own tracks. You can mix and match different samples to create your own unique grooves and melodies. House sample packs are a great way to jumpstart your creativity and provide inspiration for new musical ideas.

  3. Can I edit the samples in a house sample pack to fit my song's requirements?

    Yes, you can edit the samples in a house sample pack to fit your song's requirements. You can adjust the tempo, pitch, and effects of the samples to fit your project's needs. Editing samples requires some knowledge of sound design and a DAW that can manipulate audio data.

  4. Are there different types of house sample packs available?

    Yes, there are different types of house sample packs available that cater to various sub-genres of house music, such as deep house, tech house, and progressive house. Some sample packs focus on specific instruments like drums, bass, or synths, while others offer complete arrangements with multiple elements. House sample packs can be purchased or downloaded for free from various online marketplaces and music production websites.

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