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Serum Presets

[Premium Quality Serum presets. Explore beautiful presets created by leading US&EU sound designers.]

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MIDI Packs

[Composed with love for music!]

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Melody loops

[Collections of tunes in various genres, processed with analog gear.]

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One shots

[Recorded & Processed oneshots.]

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Drum sounds

[Drum Kits, Oneshots, Loops, Top lines]


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[Powerful Sounds & Presets out of the box]
Sample packs with presets, sounds and MIDI files for all major DAWs. That will make your productions sound better and more professional in just seconds.
[Fast Support]
We are getting in touch less then in 43 minutes! [usually 1-3 minutes]
[Big Named Brands & Artists]
Our sounds & presets are used in leading music, advertising and game studios!
[We've got answers]
What is the best way to pay for music sample packs?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. So this is up to you. If you prefer PayPal, use it! In case you prefer Visa/MasterCard, you can also pay for sample pack using this method :)

How can I make sure my music is the best it can be?

Double check it on different sound systems.
Create music with love & passion, because music production is the art.
Use the best sounds & presets for sure ;)

How much do music sample packs cost?

The average price for a single product at Monosounds is about $30-40.
However, some companies could promise you great sounding sample packs for $10 or $300+.
We are thinking that the $30-40 is the most fair price for a great pack of Serum presets or Melody Loops!

What is the difference between a synth preset and a melody loop?

Synth preset is a combination of macros, filters, amplifiers and Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release combination! In common that's a settings for the synth that provide you with already tuned sounds. Like bass, synth, leads, pads, etc.

Why should I pay for synth presets or melody loops when there are so many free options out there?

Of course you can download free presets and sounds from various websites, but the penalty for using stolen or repackaged sounds (from other sample packs, just re-named files) is about $10.000. We think that $40 and full guarantee of your protection as our buyer is a justifiable amount!

Can I find free synth presets or free melody loops?

Sure! Monosounds offers you the best free MIDI, free Synth Presets for Serum & Sample packs with the best quality guaranteed!

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