Deep House Ultimate Samples & Presets 2022

Deep House Ultimate Samples & Presets 2022
Posted on: December 28, 2022
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Last updated on: March 2, 2023
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The history of deep house samples

Deep house is a genre of house music first heard in Larry Hurd’s 1984 track “Mystery of Love”. It has a light and rhythmic sound, combining elements of Chicago house with jazz funk. Our sample pack (title) offers great samples for writing your hits. Distinctive features of deep house are soft pitch and sensual vocals, which perfectly harmonize with beautiful and sophisticated instrumental and average rhythm of 120-125 BPM. Deep house is similar to such genre as garage.  Related styles of deep house are:


Tribal house

Tropical House

Soulful house


On the last genre we will dwell on in detail as it continued the development of deep house in the 1990s. It features gospel vocals, melodic bass line and muffled drums. Among the performers we can mention BMasters at Work, Kerri Chandler, Kings Of Tomorrow.

Leading Deep House artists of 2023:


For writing deep house most often used VST synthesizers such as:


The best deep house sample pack & serum presets:

 On this page we offer you to check the best deep house sample pack with a wide variety of sounds that will become your assistants and inspire you & provide you with high quality deep house sounds. This package contains 1000+  samples, midis, vocals & presets of great quality, deep house production tools that you can listen on this page. (clickable)

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