The Best Serum presets in 2023

The Best Serum presets in 2023
Posted on: January 04, 2023
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Last updated on: March 2, 2023
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If you’re a happy owner of Serum by Xfer Records and you’re looking for some new and exciting sounds to add to your music, then you should definitely check this article.
Xfer Serum is a popular software synthesizer that has been used to create some of the most innovative and unique sounds in the music industry. The presets available for Xfer Serum offer a huge range of sounds, from classic analog-style synth sounds to cutting-edge digital sounds.

Xfer Serum presets are a great way to get the most out of your music. With Xfer Serum, you can easily create your own custom sounds or use the presets to get a jump start on your tracks. Whether you’re looking for something to spice up your existing tracks or you’re just getting started with music production, Xfer Serum presets can give you the sounds you need.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled all the best serum presets from Monosounds into one list:

  • Elixir Serum Presets

    This is a collection of 50 creative and diverse presets for Serum, designed to bring you the perfect sounds for any genre. This pack features a range of sounds, from lush pads and dreamy leads to heavy basses and hard-hitting synths. You’ll find everything you need to create unique tracks that stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re making melodic techno, dreamy house, or big-room EDM, Elixir Serum Presets has the perfect sounds for you!
    Grab this pack – Price: $30

  • Unique Brass – Xfer Serum Presets

    Unique Brass is a serum preset bank of 18 unique brass presets for Xfer Serum. These presets include a range of brassy sounds from mellow and smooth to wide and piercing. We designed this presets to be easy to use, basically you can work in any of genres with this pack. Each preset offers a unique sound that will add character and depth to your productions. As a BONUS you would get extra Brass Loops & MIDIs to make your production much more efficient
    Grab this pack – Price: $17

  • R&B Presets

    This is a preset collection for xfer serum of high–quality sound presets specifically designed for use in producing R&B music. The presets have been crafted to give producers a wide range of sounds and textures to work with, from lush pads and smooth basses to chill lush synths and more. All of the sounds are 100% royalty–free and can be used in any commercial or non–commercial music production. With these serum presets, producers will have the perfect starting point to create their own unique R&B beats.

    Grab this pack – Price: Current $30 (Standart $80)

  • Nextgen Presets

    comprehensive collection of 170 patches for Xfer Records’ Serum virtual synthesizer. It includes sounds for a wide range of music genres, from EDM to Chillout, Trap, and more. We handcrafted all the patches carefully and they would add professional quality sounds to Your tracks. Each patch contains multiple layers, allowing you to easily customize your sounds. With Nextgen presets, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create professional sounding music.
    If you want to upgrade your Serum copy this pack is for you.
    Grab this pack – Price: Current $30 (Standart $80)

  • Modern Deep House Serum Presets Vol.1

    50 High-Quality Deep House presets.
    Each preset is super useful and would be a great start point to create your next banger. You can easily create all the tracks for deep house music with this package & got great results in a seconds!
    Highly recommended for all EDM & House producers.
    Grab this pack – Price: $17


Check this list of the best serum preset packs you can get in 2023 to improve your music and make it sound much more professional.

Use them to the Max.


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