The Best Selected Type Sample Packs & Serum Presets of 2023 by

The Best Selected Type Sample Packs & Serum Presets of 2023 by
Posted on: February 27, 2023
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Last updated on: February 27, 2023
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Selected is known for its deep sounding songs and simple vocal lines. Many producers want sound like Selected artists, but find that the sound is hard to achieve (not soft enough, lush enough and not as atmospheric as Selected)

We’ve put together five of the best sample packs and presets for Serum in the Selected sound style to help you get the sound you want in your DAW quickly and easily.

Selected – Deep House Serum Presets Vol.2

Deep House Volume 2

This set is the best set in the Selected style, 40 perfect sounds that sound perfect. A soft blend of analog sounds and modern synthesis techniques, we admire this set of sounds and consider it the best in this category.

By downloading this sample pack as a gift you will receive a free set of melodies and harmonies in the style of Selected House.

Download Deep House Vol.2

Spinnin Deep – Serum House Presets Vol.1

This serum presets set will add clear, powerful and brand new sounds to your collection of sounds with which you can easily achieve a modern house sound.

Keyboard sounds, licks, pads, basses and everything in between in 1 set. A great choice for those who are looking for something new and who want to stand out from the many modern releases with monotonous sounds and harmonies

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As a gift you will get a free drum loops!

Download Serum House Presets Vol.1

Selected – Slap & Deep House MegaPack Vol.1

The best deep house sample pack

Stop searching and start producing your music!
This set will cover all the needs any producer needs.
Vocals, guitars, drums, loops, MIDI.
Over 1500+ unique files in one library, everything you need to write an amazing track.

Download Slap & Deep House Megapack Vol.1

EDM Essentials – Sample Pack

EDM Essentials by Monosounds is an all encompassing deep house sample pack that was created to inspire producers!
In this pack you’ll find everything you need to write tracks in Selected and more!

Download EDM Essentials Vol.1

Blasting Deep & Slap House Bass Presets for Xfer Serum

House & EDM Presets For Serum

A chic collection of wide and low bass presets for Serum. In seconds, find the sound that suits your song exactly and forget about the weak-sounding bass in your music.

Must have for all those who want to write Selected style tracks.

How to release your music on the Selected label.

Download Blasting House & EDM Bass Presets for Xfer Serum

The perfect track to get on Selected should be:
– 110-125BPM.
– Be written in a minor harmony
– Sound atmospheric and deep
– Have an interesting, yet simple vocal line
– Have a good and modern bass sound, a mix between an analog mellow sound and a low-pitched sub
– Have wide-sounding percussion

Stay Inspired,

Max from Monosounds

Author Maxim Hetman
Highly skilled sound designer with over 15 years of experience in the field.
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