10 best sample packs for Ableton Push 3 by Monosounds 

10 best sample packs for Ableton Push 3 by Monosounds 
Posted on: May 30, 2023
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Last updated on: May 30, 2023
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The entire music community was eagerly awaiting the release of Ableton Push 3. As a result, we got a completely standalone studio in your hands, yes you don’t need a computer to create your new banger! However Ableton Push 3 offers a simple enough set of sounds to go with it, and the market for sounds is big enough to get lost in the selection. We’ve compiled the 10 best sample packs for Ableton Push 3 for you. All the packs in this list are 100% Royalty Free, YouTube Content free & Placement ready! 

Monosounds ableton push 3

#10 Faded Melodies – LoFi & Trap Sample pack – $20 (On Sale)

This sample pack provides a vast array of meticulously curated audio samples specifically tailored for creating lo-fi trap music. With its integration with Ableton Push 3, it offers a seamless and intuitive production experience. 

The sample pack contains a wide selection of elements, including drum loops, melodic loops, one-shot drum hits, atmospheric textures, and more. These samples have been expertly crafted to embody the nostalgic and mellow vibes of lo-fi music, while incorporating the signature hard-hitting elements of trap beats. The sounds within the pack feature warm tones, vinyl crackles, dusty textures, and vintage-inspired soundscapes, adding a unique character to your compositions. 

Inside you will find: 

  • 22 – Faded Drum Loops
  • 21 – Complex Produced Samples (All stems included – 120+ Files in common)
  • 50 – Unique MIDIs with chords & melodies, suitable for both Trap 

Get this Sample Pack

#9 Gamma – Dark Phonk Sample Pack – $60

This pack is specifically designed to cater to producers seeking to create phonk music with a distinct “Atomic Heart” inspiration. 

Featuring a wide range of meticulously crafted audio samples, including drum loops, melodic loops, one-shot drum hits, atmospheric textures, and more, the Gamma pack provides a comprehensive toolkit for producing unique and captivating phonk tracks. The samples within the pack are meticulously designed to capture the essence of the “Atomic Heart” style, with its dark, experimental, and nostalgic soundscapes. 

What sets this sample pack apart as an ideal choice for Ableton Push 3 users is its seamless integration with the hardware controller. Ableton Push 3 offers an intuitive and tactile production experience, allowing producers to manipulate and control samples directly from the controller’s interface. With the Gamma pack, users can efficiently browse, audition, and manipulate the samples using the hardware, streamlining the creative process and enhancing workflow efficiency. 

With this pack you will get: 

  • Phonk Drum Kit – 57 Unique Phonk Drum Oneshots (Kicks, Hats, Snares, 808s)
  • Phonk Guitar Melodies – 12 Guitar Oneshots & Loops
  • Phonk Melodies – 30 Wav files (All Midi included) 

Upgrade your Phonk & Dark Hip-Hop production with Gamma – Buy it here

#8 Azzam – Trap Melodies – $30

Revolutionize your sound with the Azzam Trap Melodies 21 Savage Type Sample Pack! As a seasoned Ableton Push 3 user, I’m thrilled by its vast array of high-quality trap melodies. With 25+ samples expertly tailored to suit the raw, aggressive style of 21 Savage, this pack breathes new life into your compositions. It’s the perfect match for the advanced capabilities of the Ableton Push 3. The finely tuned one-shots and loops, and their seamless integration, add to the distinctive allure.  

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But here’s the real game-changer – its variety and adaptability. These samples are a delight, whether you’re creating heavy-hitting trap beats or exploring other musical territories. Trust me, with Azzam Trap Melodies, your music will never sound the same again! 

In this pack you will find: 

  • 30 – Premium Quality Wav Loops
  • 30 – MIDI Files 

Get Azzam here

#7 Unlimited Sample Pack – $40 

Embrace the Unlimited Sample Pack & Serum Presets from MonoSounds Studio, your ultimate tool for the Ableton Push 3! With this pack, I’m churning out bangers like never before. Over 500 samples and presets pack a punch, offering diversity that takes your sound design from good to breathtaking. Every beat I craft, every melody I imagine, finds its perfect match here. Synths, drums, FX, it’s got it all! Plus, it syncs beautifully with the Push 3’s functionality, streamlining my workflow like a dream. The Serum presets are a goldmine, offering a wide array of tonal options. If you’re an Ableton Push 3 user like me, don’t hesitate.  

This pack fuels your creativity and lets your music shine! 

And the best part?  

It’s fully optimized for Ableton Push 3, giving you intuitive control and lightning-fast workflow. 

The Serum presets, covering a range of instruments and genres, are the cherry on top, making sound design a joy. If you’re looking to push your musical boundaries, look no further – this pack is your ticket to sonic nirvana! 

What’s inside?
9 – 808 Oneshots
6 – Acoustic Guitar Loops (Rhythm + Melodic)
13 – Electric Guitar Loops (Les Paul & Strat)
1 – Drum Kit (10 Kicks, 10 Snares, 9 Hats)
10 – Reese Oneshots 

Upgrade your Ableton Push 3 with Unlimited – Buy it here

Monosounds ableton push 3 3

#6 Slap & Deep-House Megapack – $50 

Jump into the Slap Deep House Megapack Vol.1 from MonoSounds Studio, a personal favorite of mine, and a must-have for any Ableton Push 3 user! Housing over 1000 top-notch samples, it’s a veritable treasure trove for crafting infectious deep house grooves. Every beat, bassline, and synth riff sizzles with the distinctive warmth and punch of the genre.  

But here’s where the magic happens – Ableton Push 3 compatibility. 

 It’s seamless, it’s intuitive, and it accelerates my creative flow like nothing else. The pack’s presets and one-shots, tailored for deep house, push my Ableton Push 3 to its limits, sparking fresh ideas at every turn.  

So, want your tracks to pulsate with deep house energy? Look no further, folks. This Megapack is a game-changer! 

This is a really HUGE pack: 

  • 1000+ unique sounds, samples, MIDIs, vocal loops, etc. 

All you need to create deep house music is here


#5 Organica – Hip-hop & RnB Sample Pack & Serum Presets – $70 

Breathe new life into your music with the Organica Hip Hop & RnB Sample Pack.  

As an Ableton Push 3 user, I’ve found this pack a delight to use!  

With 50+ samples, including smooth melodies and robust beats, it’s an Aladdin’s cave for producing hip-hop and RnB tracks with a unique twist.  

The sounds are rich, the vibes are chill, and it all integrates effortlessly with the Ableton Push 3’s features. From crafting laid-back grooves to producing upbeat hits, I can do it all.  

The variety is staggering and stirs up creativity in ways I didn’t think possible. If you’re looking for a pack that meshes perfectly with Ableton Push 3 and unlocks your musical potential, this is it!  

Your hip-hop and RnB tracks will never be the same! – Get Organica Here

#4 Hip-Hop Essentials sample pack – $20 

Grab the Hip Hop Essentials Sample Pack from MonoSounds Studio and redefine your Ableton Push 3 experience!  

I can’t get enough of its 300+ samples, providing that perfect blend of classic hip hop sounds and innovative beats.  

The loops, one-shots, and drum hits strike the perfect balance, offering everything you need to craft infectious hip hop tracks. Using this pack with Ableton Push 3 is a breeze, making beat making more intuitive, expressive, and efficient than ever. Whether I’m laying down boom-bap grooves or pushing the envelope with experimental beats, this pack delivers every time.  

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So, if you want to level up your hip hop game with Ableton Push 3, don’t sleep on this pack.  

Trust me, your tracks will thank you! 

This is a monstrous pack:

  • 90 Drum Loops
  • 80 Drum Oneshots
  • 31 FX Sounds
  • 144 Melodies
  • 38 Instrument Oneshots
  • 1 Drum Kit – 114 Oneshots (Kicks, Claps, Snares, etc.)
  • 100% Royalty-Free 

 Get This Pack here

Monosounds ableton push 3 2

#3 EDM Essentials sample pack – $20 

Make some noise with the EDM Essentials Sample Pack!  

I’m loving the 300+ electrifying samples. Beats, melodies, basslines – it’s got everything you need to ignite your EDM productions. From high-energy festival anthems to intimate chill-out tracks, this pack empowers you to do it all.  

The Ableton Push 3 integration? Flawless!  

This pack truly harnesses the device’s powerful features, streamlining my workflow and inspiring my creativity. The varied soundscape of the samples aligns perfectly with the dynamic spectrum of EDM. If you’re using Ableton Push 3 and you’re passionate about EDM like me, you absolutely can’t miss this pack. It’s a game-changer, and your tracks will resonate with its explosive energy! 


  • 30 Drum Loops
  • 80 Drum Oneshots
  • 31 FX Sounds
  • 67 Melody Loops
  • 38 Instrument Oneshots
  • 138 Synth Oneshots
  • 50 xFer Serum Presets
  • 50 MIDI Files to get an instant inspiration 

Get this pack

#2 Fishlake Vol.1 – $20 (On Sale atm) 

Dive into Tech House S and transform your Ableton Push 3 experience with the Fishbird! This pack is an absolute tech house treasure, with 100+ unique sounds meticulously crafted to give your tracks that distinctive tech house vibe.  

The cutting-edge sounds, ranging from pulsating basslines to hypnotic synth leads, never fail to inspire.  

The pack pairs perfectly with the Push 3’s vast capabilities, enhancing my workflow and allowing for real-time creativity and exploration.  

The presets, tailored to complement the genre’s rhythmic energy and atmospheric depth, are incredibly versatile. Whether you’re a seasoned tech house producer or venturing into the genre, these Serum presets are the secret sauce you need!  

With Fishlake , crafting compelling tech house tracks on Ableton Push 3 has never been easier or more fun. 

 This is a tech house revelation you can’t afford to miss! 

In this pack you will find: 

  • 170 Unique samples, drums, vocals & analog oneshots. 
  • 50+ Tech House Xfer Serum Presets 

 Get this pack

#1 Ice Gold Sample Pack – $70 

Take your Ableton Push 3 experience to the next level with the Ice Gold Collection !  

This mega pack is a feast for producers, brimming with over 1500 samples across a broad spectrum of sounds.  

I can’t overstate how incredible it is – each beat, melody, and bassline is pure gold!  

It’s like having an unlimited sonic palette at your fingertips, enabling you to dive into diverse genres from trap and hip-hop to EDM and beyond.  

The Ableton Push 3 integration is seamless, enhancing your workflow and sparking unparalleled creativity.  

This pack provides the perfect synergy with the Push 3’s dynamic control, enabling me to realize my musical visions quickly and intuitively. 

 Whether you’re crafting sultry RnB tracks or dropping heavy EDM beats, the Ice Gold Collection offers unparalleled versatility and quality.  

It’s more than a sample pack – it’s a comprehensive toolkit to unlock your full potential with Ableton Push 3.  

Don’t miss out on this sonic treasure trove! 

Inside you will find: 

  • 1104 Total Unique Sounds, Samples & Midis 

Buy Ice Gold here

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