Serum Tech House Presets [which Pro producers use]

Serum Tech House Presets [which Pro producers use]
Posted on: October 07, 2022
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Last updated on: March 2, 2023
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 Tech-house direction in electronic music, which originated from techno and minimal-techno & Serum Tech House Presets are the big part of the game!

The originators of this trend can be considered such DJs as Mr. C, Eddie Richards and Terry Francis, who started to play this style of music in the clubs of England in 1994.

The peak of tech-house popularity is dated 1995-2005. Significant contribution to the promotion of this direction contributed a lot of famous music label Plastic City, in particular Jean F. Cochois (Timewriter) and Norman Feller (Terry Lee Brown Jr.).


 In 1997 producer Steve Lawler released a great compilation Dark Drums, which became insanely popular among fans of dance music. Other world DJs such as Wamdue Project, Technotroni, Luomo who also delighted the world with their masterpieces didn’t keep us waiting long.

Tech-house is similar to deep house, but tech-house is more melodic and rhythmic than its younger brother (deep house).

 Tech-house – 128-130 BPM

Monosounds – Tech House Drum Loop


 Deep house – 122-125 BPM

Monosounds – Deep House Drum Loop


Also in this direction of music left their mark such DJs as:

Eric Prydz, Steve Angello, Helly Angelique, FISHER, Kotov & Andre Wilde, Aquabeat, Shamanique, Artur, Mio, Tish, Benny Benassi, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Chris Lake, Eddie Richards, Terry Francis.

The following synthesizers were used to write the tech-house:

Nord Lead, Yamaha AN1x, Roland JP-8000, Access Virus, Korg Prophecy, Korg MS2000, Korg Microkorg, Novation Supernova, Alesis Micron, Waldorf Blofeld, Studiologic Sledge.

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In our studio we recreated the most iconic sounds of this style, you can here them:

Huge Brass Tech House Lead Sounds


Punchy Tech House Bass Sounds


Analog Drum Machines Tech House Drums


TB-303 Type Tech House Bass


Virus Acid Type Tech House Lead


One of the best on this list and most commonly used was the Roland JP-8000, this instrument is a two-timbral instrument with a 49-key keyboard and 8-note polyphony. 128 single programs and 64 combination programs are in preset memory, as many in user memory.

There is a joystick to change the pitch, a programmable ribbon controller, an LCD display, two outputs and two MIDI jacks.

Also we are providing 2 Tech House Sample & Preset Packs that are commonly used in Tech House producers world:


the best tech house sample pack


tech house sample pack



Tech House is one of the most popular genres in the underground world!

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