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Ultimate House Phonk Sample Pack & Drum Kit ($30)

Ultimate House Phonk Sample Pack & Drum Kit ($30)
Posted on:
July 31, 2022

Here is my thoughts/review about Phonk Sample Pack by

There are five main folders in the sample pack:
– Phonk Choir Stacks
– Phonk Drum Loops
– Phonk Essential Drum Kit [Bonus]
– Phonk Vocal Oneshots
– Phonk Serum Presets

And 1 folder with previews from the site (for style reference), they are very convenient to use as references!

– Phonk Choir Stacks:

Inside you will find 18 chorus sounds, female and male, which sings different phrases (handy for making loops), you can alternate and use!
How the idea of applying lots of reverb and saturation will achieve a messy tight sound and add atmosphere to your song!


– Phonk Drum Loops:

40 delightful loops with different percussion sounds.The tempo varies from 115 to 150 beats per minute, so it will fit any project. Sounds, hmmm. Sounds delightful and very clean!

You can use these loops in both House and Hip-Hop Oriented genres.

I would also like to note that there is a large amount of headroom in the drums, which will make it easy to fit the drums into the mix!


– Phonk Essential Drum Kit:

The drums sound just great! I tried them both in NI Maschine and in the sequencer, and I had no questions!
Firm, whipy, bassy! Great choice for those who don’t like to waste their time synthesizing drums, but to quickly sketch out a cool rhythm and move on to production!

– Phonk Serum Presets

Thats a great addition to your preset collection. Combining deep & punchy lowend with lushy cowbell sounds would provide you with endless inspiration opportunities.


That’s why Phonk Sample Pack by is the best Phonk sample pack this year!

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