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House Phonk Sample Pack & Serum Presets (Ultimate Edition)

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 Whether this is your first time hearing about Phonk or you've been in the game for a long time, this pack will provide you with the inspiration and sounds you need!

 House Phonk, Drift Phonk, Tik-Tok Phonk - it doesn't matter what you call this style as it already has an army of millions of listeners and fans (Spotify Phonk playlist, one of the fastest growing playlists of 2022)

 House Phonk Sample Pack is the best set of sounds, presets, drum loops, drum kits and vocal oneshots!

 All demos are 100% written using only the sounds from the PHONK Sample Pack!

W H A T' S  I N C L U D E D

  • 23 - High-Quality Xfer Serum Presets
  • 40 - Phonk Drum Loops (100-150 BPM)
  • Phonk Essential Drum Kit (81 Unique Drum One shots)
  • 21 - Phonk Vocal One Shots
  • 18 - Phonk Choir Stack One Shots
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Latest Version of Xfer Serum Required


[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Demo #1 - Invasion[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Demo #2 - Toxicity[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Demo #3 - Night Rider[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Demo #4 - Hell Boy[/title]

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