Why Everyone Chooses Xfer Serum

Why Everyone Chooses Xfer Serum
Posted on: December 11, 2022
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Last updated on: March 2, 2023
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Serum is one of the best VST synthesizers on the music market, used by a huge number of famous artists and composers. The creator is Steve Duda, who wrote and launched the plugin in 2014, he gained his fame in early 2000 working on collaborative electronic music projects with Deadmau5. Serum combines high sound quality, a nice visual and creative interface that will allow you to write a quality product. The synthesizer has a package of 450 serum presets, and the editor gives you the ability to create your own waveform tables. Xfer Serum is chosen by celebrities such as:

Skrillex & Diplo.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that this is an excellent synthesizer creating competition to products like Massive, Nexus, Sylenth, Avenger, Z3bra, Omnispere. With a lively and powerful sound it makes it clear that it is suitable for all categories.


You can find a lot of quality Serum preset packs online, which will make working on your next banger easier. As it was said before, the synthesizer contains a pack of 450 presets, but that’s not a reason to limit yourself to them, because more sounds will allow you to make more diverse and melodic compositions. I recommend that you listen to the demos on the seller’s website before buying the product to make sure that the product is suitable for you and meets your needs.
Not to bother you with endless searches for serum presets I want to present you a few options, which I am sure will be your reliable helpers in writing future hits.

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Future Rave Serum Presets(clickable)

Future Rave Serum Presets
The choice for lovers of tight bass, this pack will help you conquer all the dancefloors in the world.

Unlimited Sample Pack & Serum Presets(clickable)

Unlimited Sample Pack
If you need quality electric and acoustic guitars, drums, 808’s and all that in a sauce of great and dense sound, then this pack is made for you.

Unique Brass – Xfer Serum Presets(clickable)

Unique Brass Serum Presets
Cheap and tasteful. Package of serum presets for great money. You will find a whole orchestra of brass instruments.

Arcadia – EDM Presets For Xfer Serum(clickable)

Ultimate EDM Presets for Serum
Want to make EDM music, but do not know where to start? Start by buying this kit.

Elixir Serum Presets(clickable)

EDM presets for xfer Serum

Best price on the music market! This kit contains absolutely everything for writing successful and melodic projects.

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