Ultimate MIDI Files Collection Of 2022! (FREE Download)

Ultimate MIDI Files Collection Of 2022! (FREE Download)
Posted on: September 28, 2021
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Last updated on: March 2, 2023
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We were sitting here in our studio and just listen to top50 of modern hip-hop & subgenre tracks, and find out a little thing.
They ALL sound very similar to each other, it’s so hard to find a track that stands out from millions of common & to be honest boring-sounding songs.

And it doesn’t matter what style the artist performs, it can be hip-hop/rock/house/pop, in any of them there is a lot of repetition one after another.

Not a big number of artists can give us (as listeners) a unique sound design, or something more than the guitar or piano under the RC-20 or other “vinylizing” plugin.But here we find another way how to make your song STAND OUT…

This is a CHORDS & MELODY!

A melody that tells us a STORY WITHOUT WORDS. A CHORDS progression that sets the mood of the whole song before the drum part starts.

For example the melody from Sting – Shape of My Heart is so great & beautiful that you don’t have to turn on to remember. This melody is a gem in this song.

Often we (and here we are talking about ourselves) are just like you suffering from lack of inspiration. sometimes someone lacks musical education, because now is the time when it is difficult to surprise someone with the usual C-G-Am-F.

And to make your process more enjoyable we decided to hold a sale of our MIDI packs.

Midi is a much more flexible format than regular melody loops, which can repeat from song to song.

Our composer has recorded beautiful chords & melodies that speak WITHOUT WORDS!

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We have made the prices as low as they will probably ever be!
Also, we added in this collection packs with great one shots / presets & drums to inspire you for the next hits.
Only 2-3 packs will give you inspiration for the 50-60 beats/songs/vocal lines. And who knows, maybe one of them will be the next “Sting – Shape Of My Heart”

That’s a great chance to make the next step in your music production career & so don’t waste your time go and check our midi collection!

And check our premium MIDI Collections!

Author Maxim Hetman
Highly skilled sound designer with over 15 years of experience in the field.
Maxim Hetman