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Serum Grand Piano Presets Vol.4

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 Serum Grand Piano Presets is a huge sounding, diverse collection of presets to give you the most out of your synth. You'll find everything from grand piano sounds to harpsichords and all the way to pipe organs mixed with the most trendy synth sounds! All patches use a new approach to a classic sound, giving you a fresh perspective for your production. 

 This grand piano preset pack is perfect for producers who want to be creative, but don't want to spend hours in search of suitable sounds.

4 Macros for fast sound morphing & easy automation in your project!


Crazy Filters that generate these unbelievable results!



  • 20 Premium Quality Serum Piano Presets
  • Key Sensitive & Optimized for Live Performances
  • 4 Macros Programmed
  • 50 MIDI Chord Progressions
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • The latest version of Serum required


[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Piano - Chemistry[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Piano - Love Ballad[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Piano - Delighted(Solo)[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Piano - Sand On The Keys(Solo)[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Piano - Grand Pop(Solo)[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Piano - Filterish(Solo)[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Piano - Love Ballad(Solo)[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Piano - Chemistry (Solo)[/title]

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