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Sad MIDI Melodies Vol.5

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 Have you been searching for the right chord progression & melodies to add that melancholy into your production? 

 Sad Midi Melodies Vol.5 is the perfect starter pack for your next masterpiece. Get inspired by these minimal, beautiful, and emotional melodies. 

 This MIDI pack is designed to help you kick start the creative process with beautiful and melancholic emotions. You'll find some of the most popular chord progressions, harmonies, melodies, and more - all waiting for you to add your personal touch!

W H A T' S  I N C L U D E D

  • 25 Sad & Emotional MIDI melodies with dark sonic goodness, perfect for any project seeking an emotional edge.
  • BONUS Folder
  • 100% Royalty-Free

W O R K S  W I T H  A N Y  D A W


[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Pop Emotional Minimalism Amin[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Cinematic & Future Bass Intro Gmin[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Darkness Emin[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Emo Masterpience Cmin[/title]

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