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Organica - Hip-Hop & RnB - Sample Pack

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 Organica is the Ultimate Hip-Hop & RnB collection for producers who want to  get industry-standard sounds. With over 100 Premium Hip-Hop & RnB sounds, our samples & presets will help you to achieve this!

 Hip-Hop is still the most popular genre in the game, and with Organica, you'll be able to create an authentic sounding beats in just a few seconds. Use our punchy drums and wild Xfer Serum presets to take your music to the next level. 

W H A T' S  I N C L U D E D

  • 48 Xfer Serum Presets
  • Premium Drum Kit (42 Oneshots)
  • 15 Drum Loops
  • 5 FX Sounds
  • 25 Bonus Hip-Hop MIDIs
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • As always no useless files to make the Sample Pack size bigger!
  • Last version of Xfer Serum Required!


[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Xfer Serum - BL - Modern[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Xfer Seum - BL - Cavier[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Xfer Serum - PD - Chords[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Xfer Serum - SY - Candy Shop[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Premium Drum Kit - Demo #1[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Premium Drum Kit - Demo #2 [/title]