Melancholic Vibes Vol.1 MIDI | Guitar Loops | Piano Loops | One shots (6723795419317)

Melancholic Lo-Fi Sample Pack & Serum Presets Vol.1

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Melancholic Vibes Vol.1 is a brand new tool to produce emotional & memorable songs.
This pack is the best for Melancholic & Sad mood melodies & compositions. Just drag'n'drop it to your favourite DAW & get the Pro sound you was looking for!
Suitable for any genre!

W H A T' S  I N C L U D E D

  • 160 MIDI Melodies
  • 60 WAV Melodies (Mallet Loops, Piano Loops, Guitar Loops)
  • 24 xFer Serum Presets (Latest Version of Serum Required!)
  • 49 Oneshots
  • 100% Royalty-Free

 P R E V I E W

[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Mallet Loop Fmin[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Mallet Loop Gmin[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Melancholic Piano Cmin[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Melancholic Piano Fmin[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Melancholic Guitar Fmin[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Melancholic Guitar Bmin[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Pad One Shot[/title]
[xmp3][/xmp3][title]Pluck One Shot[/title]

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